Mint Automation

Run thousands of tasks across hundreds of wallets with ease including support for anti-bot, signature releases, and captcha support.
Easy to use task creation

Signature/Proof/Merkle Support

With a strong background in reverse engineering, TenX has hit thousands of mints protected by anti-bot solutions. Simply add the contract and Silk will generate signatures or merkle proofs automatically and submit your transaction. No more fighting with bad websites that won't load.

Task Groups

Setting up tasks for NFT contracts has never been easier. Simply input the contract and create as many tasks as you would like with your wallets!

Monitor Tasks

Need to step away from the computer? TenX will simply monitor the contract or flip-sale state until the contract goes live and mint for you!
TenX also supports block number minting, as well as method-less monitoring.

Wallet Groups

Have main wallets and degen wallets you need to separate? TenX makes task creation easy by allowing you to group wallets intended for different things.


Want to mint and send back to one main wallet? Easily done with TenX.