Automatic Monitoring

Busy during a mint? No problem with TenX
Silk Contract Monitoring

Flip-Sale State Monitoring

Want to avoid gas wars? TenX allows for monitoring of the sale state of any NFT public sale or token launch so that you can mint in the first block and stop paying excessive gas fees.

Block Specific Monitoring

Public sale going live on a certain block number? TenX supports starting tasks on any block number.

Dutch Auction Mode

Have you ever wanted to mint at a lower step in price of a dutch auction? TenX automatically monitors price on Dutch Auctions allowing for users to mint as soon as the price decreases.

Method-less Monitoring

Stealth mint? No set time for public sale? No problem for TenX users. TenX automatically monitors any contract and will instantly submit a transaction as soon as the sale goes live without any human input. Simply start your tasks and let TenX do the rest.