Understanding how the Backrun Monitor works in TenX

What is Backrun (I.E. Pending/Flipstate) Monitor?

  • Backrun (I.E. Pending/Flipstate) monitor tasks will monitor a contract for the contract owner address to flip the public sale state from "False" to "True." By monitoring this, the bot can then send a transaction that will be mined directly underneath the flip transaction allowing for gas to be as efficient as possible and avoid a gas war. Backrun monitor tasks have 2 additional inputs required.

Backrun Address

  • The "Backrun" address is the owner of the contract wallet. You can find this by going to "Read" contract on Etherscan and finding the "Owner" field.

Backrun Data

  • This must be the hex of the sale-state function. It is best to follow release guides and contract staff members for this function. To acquire it manually, go to the contract on Etherscan, go to "Write", connect your Web3 wallet, and find the function which turns the sale public and click "Write." Copy the hex data from your Metamask transaction.
As a note, if there is a BOOL on the flipstate transaction, you want to write "TRUE" or false depending how the contract works.